Dear Susan,

I am writing to you to express my memorable experience with Rescue 100.  I had recently moved to Edmonton when I was watching Global news the morning they aired the story of the discovered horses.  I remember sitting there feeling sick to my stomach and so oblivious that someone could be so cruel to these precious beings.  I knew I wanted to help out but I was carless at the time.  After contacting the Edmonton Sun and your website I was so amazed to find out you were located only a Range Road over.

I bundled up and off I hiked.  As I walked up the hill towards the open field of horses my heart fell once again  I was so overwhelmed with what I saw … and who knew this would become a “Field of Dreams”.

After a few visits and minimal experience with horses my duty of the day was to groom a couple of the Stallions and clean out their stall.  All I can say is I can now appreciate the commitment and dedication it takes to nurture these animals.  I was so grateful that I could be a part of this and the experience I’m about to share will stay in my heart forever.

I had to put on coveralls, boots and a hat as I was informed that they were pretty infested with bugs and it was best to cover up.  i walked towards the stall and there stood this huge black stallion standing in the corner.  I was a little intimidated but I didn’t want the horse to pick up on any nerves so I entered gently.  Having practiced Reiki I decided to put all the energy that I could while I groomed this poor guy.  I continued to brush him over over 2 hours with one hand always on him.  As the dust flew all over in the air I was seeing this immaculate animal for the first time.

As I got closer to his face I spoke to him with words of love and decided to tackle his matted mane.  As I reached up to grab his hair from his face I noticed a tear stream down from his eye and it was then that we shared a true connection.  I still well up to this day thinking about it.  It was an experience like no other.

I walked home that day with an overwhelming feeling of sadness, joy and an ever greater compassion for all the four legged beings as it is so hard to ever know what they feel or what they’ve been through.  My hat goes off to you Susan for reminding people how a single act of kindness can open the doors for all living kinds.

Thank you sincerely,

Trudy Cunningham – Sherwood Park, AB

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